Too Cool for School?

Working away in the gym this week and I again notice how many people are young, trendy and utilising the gym floor as a means of socialising and for peer group acceptance.

In one way-great. It’s a healthier platform than more premature methods such as smoking or doing drugs.

Yet, I really do fear how intimidating this can be for someone potentially over weight or just generally new to exercise. The ‘too cool for school’ kids may make them feel as if they are back in the school playground and just not ‘cool enough to play.’ Even if this is only in their minds and not the actual reality.

So if you want to get going, there are a few ways to potentially make you feel a little better:

1) exercise from home. I don’t believe in running away from the gym and the occupants inhabiting it, but some people genuinely prefer to work out from home. There are some really great exercise videos available online or on dvd that can be completed from the comfort of your living room.

2) Join a class for those new to exercise. Most gyms have them and it may make you feel a little easier being amongst those at the same level as you. Plus you can feed off each other’s enthusiasm.

3) get some new gym kit. Not so that you can buy the trendy uniform or try to appease those around you, but that you might find that it motivates you. Wearing something you feel nice in may make it easier to take that first step.

4) Use a personal trainer. You can complete Hiit workouts outside, or at least be offered some support in the gym. Can be an expensive option but possibly worthwhile.

5) just don’t care! Get out there, shut your eyes to it and focus on YOU. This video is of me. I felt I had put on some weight and the only way I could get to the gym was in shorts 3 times too big for me and a big baggy t-shirt. That’s what I needed to do that day to get there (no emails to me regarding form -I know it’s not great here!)

There is a theory called loss aversion. We would rather risk not gaining something than risk losing it. It is the same for fitness. The thoughts of not getting fit is one thing, but once we are fit-we strive much harder not to lose it.
So please, do whatever you need to to get out there and get active. You don’t need to consider being a champion, you don’t need to be part of the cool kids, you just need to do something to keep you healthy and improve your happiness.

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