Men and Women. Same Same, but Different.

Years have passed from the typical house hold image. The man does the heavy lifting, heads out to work to support the family and returns home to dinner on the table. That dinner that was delicately provided by his stay at home wife amidst caring for the children all day and running the daily duties.

Today not only do we both scramble around in the morning, trying not to be late for work and arguing over who’s turn it is to make the bed. We then return home to a take away meal after the cleaner has been in to spruce up the place. As women, we may have a crossfit class to attend and as the man, you may have to head out for your regular facial down at the local gent’s salon.

It is true that as men and women in this century, our actions are becoming more and more aligned. Men like to dance and women like to lift weights. We demand equality and we both expect reciprocal respect.

Yet is it harmful to expect both men and women to be entirely the same?

Lengthy studies have examined the emotional, psychological and physiological differences between the xx and xy chromosome combinations. Did you know that men have a thicker retina than women? And that men have a rise in their feel good hormones during a conflict, where as women tend to suffer a rise in their stress hormone under similar circumstances?

Likewise, during childhood, it has been identified that young girls will paint faces, people, families using multiple warm colours and be drawn towards dolls or toys that demonstrate life.

Young boys however, don’t tend to paint with colours and if they do, opt for cooler tones. When playing, they find themselves drawn to objects that move and make noises as opposed to breathing life in to dolls or teddies.

Yes despite our differences, women and men continue to get frustrated with one another. Women become annoyed at the inflexibilty of a man’s mind, just as men become frustrated with the emotionally led decision making that women continue to advocate. Despite that these traits are our genetic make up.

Whilst men tend to thrive off stress, their spouses suffer verbal confrontation for not being able to cope in the same manner when presented with a pressurized situation. Women get frustrated when their partner is unable to commit or see the importance of a family and children to her, when she was made to do nothing but create a family and care for them.

Although many men have female traits and females can be more masculaine, I still do think that we need to be forgiving to one another. We are different. We carry different DNA and in many ways we are actually only cousins of the same species. We pretty much speak a different language.

This article is fascinating and depicts all the science-based evidence to our differences. Take a read, and when you find your heart rate increasing and your voice rising at your partner, try to show a little forgiveness. They’re just not the same.

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