Have we lost our true animal instinct?

We applaud women for using their head over their hearts. We grade staff on the excellence of their SWOT analysis. We hire financial advisors to assist us in our decision-making, based on statistical data.

Yet how many of our very best decisions have been secondary to a ‘gut instinct’ or an inner voice?

Occasionally despite all the evidence, something just feels too good to be true or just not quite right. Something in the air wards us off and keeps us from making a bad decision. We are being kept from harm.

Animals in the wild make life or death decisions daily. Yet how often have they constructed a pie chart to analyse their decision to move east or west for the winter migration?

Admittedly, many animals have heightened sensory receptors to us as humans. However they also have an incredible inner ability to tune in to the environment and listen to what it is telling them. They feel their decision making without over thinking (albeit from what our limited knowledge of them tells us.)

Despite small glimmers of this skill being left within us – small ‘gut instincts’ here and there and momentary inexplicable acts – we are losing our ability to feel the correct path.

We have tuned out our inner cave man.

Our brain may be bigger than that of many animals, but perhaps our intelligence is not as superior to theirs as we like to think. At least they have remembered that they are, in fact, only animals.

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