Doctors asleep on night shift?! How DARE they?!

Only sadly poor doctors don’t work ‘typical’ hours on their night shifts. They have usually worked a full working week before they start their shift – then they, in theory, do a 12 hour shift.

Only by the time they finish their handovers, potentially even do a ward round, it may be a 14 hour shift – then they need to get home and try to sleep during day light hours.

For anyone who works nights they will tell you how difficult it is to switch between day and night shifts. I would feel sick every night at 3am, shaky and pale.

I love the new photos that have come around of doctors asleep during their shifts – see link below. This is not to promote lazy physcians – they couldn’t be in the NHS even if they wanted to be.

Night shifts are tiring and gruelling. If anyone gets 2 mins to shut their eyes – what nature intended during the times of darkness, hopefully we will not all condemn them.

Read the article; Docs so tired they may as well be drunk. If a power nap helps you freshen up, don’t fight it.

Doctors Post Pics Where They Sleep At Work To Defend Med Resident Caught Asleep

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