What’s better than a narcissistic selfie at 5am?

Wearing your Pride Fitness Center t-shirt (note: Pride guys-this is the hottest t-shirt alive.)

The moral to these awful Instagram selfies is that training in a team is really useful for people new to exercise and being able to continue with the momentum. Possibly why cross fit gym, rowers, football teams all have very healthy and fit attendees. Not just because they potentially have the pick of the bunch, but also because people want to come back.

I haven’t made it to Pride Fitness for a while as I have had a few different fitness goals, but I know that I’ve missed it and my enthusiasm for exercise, although has remained, has not been quite as excitable as when you are headed to see ‘your team.’

I treat a lot of patients who are overweight and they say ‘I don’t like exercise.’ I can’t promise anyone will like exercise when they start. It hurts and it quite literally takes our breath away!

But if you sign up to a group exercise effort, it is surprising how much motivation and enthusiasm may come along the way. It becomes a social activity as well as a way of maintaining good health.

So try a few different things-kick boxing, a running group, cross fit, even just a walking meet up. Anything. You may be surprised. Training with people may do more than just get up your heart rate. It can lift your spirits, keep your efforts in full swing and fill that need for social interaction after a hard day at work.

Pride T-shirt

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