Walking Your Way to Health

Crossfit, boxing, obstacle races and other high impact high intensity sports are all good fun and great for your cardiovascular health and muscular endurance. They get your heart rate up, they flood you with adrenaline and they improve your mental focus.

Yet sometimes, either for physical or physiological health, these high impact and demanding activities are not suitable for your current health status.

Recently I have had to take it down quite a few notches for a period of time and it’s frustrating and even infuriating to accept a slower pace of exercise workout.

Yet, on saying this, there are other more gentle exercises that keep your blood circulating, remind your muscles that they generally exist and overall still provide you with a feeling of wellbeing. Think yoga, think swimming and think brisk walking.

Walking is often looked down on upon in the fitness industry, yet if you maintain a good pace and don’t stop for coffee en route, it still manages a good quality heart rate. Great for people new to exercise or those that have to press a small pause on their exercise routine through injury or health. Best thing about it-you get to do it with a friend.

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