Virgin Radio Dubai

Thank you VirginRadioDubai for giving me a call this morning (wondered who was calling at the crack of dawn.)
Good luck to @bigrossi, @krisfade @prittimalik staying awake 24 hours to hit parties around Dubai.

If you need to stay awake for a long period of time and not sure how you will survive, here is a quick recap of tips:

1. Have some coffee but not too much. Taking too much caffeine will make it much harder to recover the following day, along with giving your heart a hard time in the process (caffeine makes hearts beat faster and harder.)
2. Hydrate. Stay well hydrated and well fed. Energy levels can certainly drop when trying to pull an all nighter and being well nourished and hydrated are good ways to stop premature fatigue.
3. Keep your eyes alive. Use liquid tears to lubricate the eyes which do not have the opportunity to rest over a 24 hour time period.
4. Try to avoid sugar and alcohol. Both will cause crashing highs and low. Great during the high – awful for the lows.
5. Eat little and often. Provide a steady source of complex sugars and energy whilst taking on the party bus.
6. Don’t make a habit of it. as a one-off this can be fun. However, you are pushing your body to exhaustion. Lack of sleep can lead to poor neurological function, fatigue, diabetes, weight gain and heart conditions.

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