The working maternal instinct

I would love to have children. No doubt about it. But, like many of my peers, I also want to work. I want achieve something else personally and I can’t take that break from work just yet in order to look after a while human life.

Yet, I do believe the maternal instinct is strong. Stronger in some than others. I look around at my colleagues and friends, all around the same age, cooing and ahh-Ing over their cats, dogs or even bunny rabbits. We may be working, but we have not escaped the maternal instinct inside of our bodies. We clearly long to ‘mother’ a something.

To be an instinct, it must be automatic, irresistible and triggered by something in the environment, occur at some point in development and require no training. Like a cat who chases a mouse or our abilities to seek food when hungry.

How many times have you heard a mother say ‘I didn’t want children, but now I am besotted?’ It is natures way of keeping our children safe and ensuring that we protect and love whilst they are unable to fend for themselves.

For some women, they fear that they do not have this drive. They prefer holidays and clothes and a more selfish existence. They don’t want to take the ‘test’ to see whether they do have the maternal gene deep down.

I think it’s awesome now and again to get back in tune with our animal instincts and remember that we were only meant to survive and reproduce. But I do believe it it ‘ok’ for us to adjust our behaviours and thoughts to fit with the modern world. If you mother your cats so much that your friends talk about you, that is fine too; as long as it suits you.

And if you would rather mother your designer shoes…knock yourself out! The best thing about he modern world is the ability to utilise our own decisions.

Bath time with my little dog Florence

My little dog Florence

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