The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on Fire!

We all love having a BBQ. When I smell the reminiscent scent of a BBQ grill, hear children laughing in the background and soak up the warmth upon my skin, I know that summer is here. More exciting in the UK, than it is in the UAE…

I am reminded of happy childhood memories and family gatherings, when we enjoyed the great outdoors and the late magical summer evenings.

However, when that BBQ smoke and scent are billowing from the top of your building, it is not quite as pleasant an experience or warm emotional roller coaster.

Bush fires, building fires and fires in general are all more common in warmer climates secondary to a lack of moisture and higher surface temperature. But when the fire is put out, how do you protect yourself from the ongoing smoke that lingers in the air?

Smoke inhalation is the leading cause of death due to fires.It can occur due to heat injury of the airways, but also due to chemical irritation of substances such as soot, carbon monoxide and even cyanide which may be present in the smoke.

If you are nearby to a smoky building or fire:

Do not exercise outside until the smoke has cleared.
Stay inside as far as possible with your windows and doors shut.
Do not light candles or incense sticks which may add additional smoke to your household.
Close windows in your car and click ‘re-circulate’ for all the air inside.
When the smoke has finally cleared, open all your windows in the house and car and again re-circulate to remove any toxins which may be left inside.

If you notice any shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing or chest discomfort having been exposed to smoke – get yourself along to your local doctor for a check out asap.

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