The Darker Side of Health

It’s a well known fact that women love chocolate (well 99.9% of us anyway.) A bad day, a break up or a birthday-we reach for the sweet smooth pick me up and wait for the dance upon our taste buds.

However, chocolate has not made it in to many diet books or many health affairs. In fact, your typical Lindt chocolate bar has (an enormous amount of) calories and (lots) of sugar. Not great for the waistline or for your insides.

Recently, there has been a huge surge in people opting for Cacoa. It is a massive antioxidant and litters the shelves of organic health food stores. Lower in calories and back to where chocolate initially began. Yet independently Cacoa can be incredibly bitter encouraging your typical chocolate giants to add so much sugar and butter to adjust the taste; it loses the health benefits. And there is usually such a low percentage of Cacoa it isn’t worth considering.

Recently, there has been a little leaning towards dark chocolate. Industry giants have seen the light, by including a higher percentage of Cacoa (which is what makes the chocolate darker) you can reduce the amount of sugar and fat. Lindt are now offering a 90% Cacoa chocolate bar with just 7g of carbohydrates for 100g of chocolate.

Yes it is a little bitter so comes with a small time period of adjustment for those that have adapted to the world of sweet, but you do get used it, it is moorish, smooth and satisfying and better, it reflects that the industry has heard our calls for healthier options and is changing.

Dark Chocolate

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