That’s a smelly piece of meat…

Trying to build muscle? Stocking up on amino acid tablets, your BCAAs and your protein shakes? Scaring away your friends and family with the friendly conversations coming from your bottom?

Protein can give you gas; Flatus, wind, methane, whatever you care to call it. But why?

First of all, the source of protein is important. If you are sipping away at whey protein you are attempting to digest lactose AKA dairy.
This is fine if your gut is fully equipped with an adequate supply of lactase, the enzyme necessary to break down this form of animal produce.

For most however, they lack adequate amounts of lactase and subsequently are unable to break down the whey within their super shaker.

Instead they develop copious amounts of gas secondary to fermentation within the gut. This can cause bloating, flatulence and discomfort (potentially even cramping if a full blown intolerance is created.)

For others, the contents of the protein is irrelevant. More so-it is the amount of protein that is an issue. As we can not store protein in our bodies (other than that in muscle) any excess is passed on and removed through our back passage.

As protein can be difficult to break down, again the excess rots away happily in the intestines producing a steady supply of gas. Too much protein = a sad lonely existence and a rather unhappy digestive tract.

So as much as you want to make your ‘gains’ – think how much protein is good for me, how much do I really need in one sitting? After approx 20g in one sitting, the rest is usually excess.

Space out your amino acids, eat and drink them slowly and remember – everything in moderation.


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