Thanks to our Mums!

The last few weeks has seen the Mother’s Day both here in the UAE and also back in the UK.

We love our mums, we often feel, even as adults, that we still need our mums but there is little doubt as children we can not survive without our mums.

Some animals pop out of labour and walk away with little assistance from their parents. From my time in Obs and gynae I would have been dumbfounded if a human baby was born, got itself dressed and walked straight out the door to begin their journey.

So why are we hopeless when we are born?

Because we became intelligent…

Our big brains mean we are now delivered earlier than we used to be, according to evolutionary theory. Our heads became so big, a mother had to deliver her child before the child was really ready (otherwise it would not have been possible due to the size of a female pelvis.)

So when we are born, we aren’t ‘quite ready yet.’ We are a little pathetic and need a lot of help…thanks to our mum.

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