Sunglasses for the Masses?

I love my sunglasses. They are a favourite fashion accessory and the best cure for dark circles known to the cosmetic industry. They also provide a much needed medical purpose.

Yet only 35% of parents ensure their children wear sunglasses and only 75% of us wear the correct UV protection.

Despite misconceptions, the darker the glasses or the more polarised they are, does not mean they necessarily offer adequate protection.

So when choosing between your Chanel, your Gucci or even your boots own (and price is also not a reflection of sun protection) opt for bigger shades (as you can see-I am a fan of those, despite my husband’s apprehensions!) which also prevent lines secondary to squinting (added bonus there) and ensure UV absorption of AT LEAST 99%.

Wearing sunglasses prevent against catarcts which cloud the vision of the eye, skin cancers of the eye lid-somewhere not always reached by sun creams, growths on the eye and also macular degeneration, which can eventually result in a loss of vision.

Those who are fairer skinned are also more at risk.

You only get one pair of eyes, so be sure to take care of them. Doing that in style is a matter of choice.

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