Staying safe in the sun

We all find it hilarious to see the bald guy who left his baseball cap on and got horrendously sunburnt.

But should we be laughing at sun burn at all? Sun burn, in the long run, seriously predisposes to skin cancer. And those that tend to get sunburnt, usually have a ‘melanocortin receptor 1’ gene which is a genetic predisposition for cancerous skin conditions.

So select your sun cream carefully. Mechanical sun screens are shown to block UVA and UVB rays much more efficiently than chemical blockers. These will include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in the ‘ingredients.’

Spf should also be at least factor 30, and reapplied regularly every 2 hours.

If you want to increase your own body’s ability to ward off the sun, increase your vitamin C Intake and take vitamin C supplements. People with higher levels of vitamin C are shown to burn less easily.

Avoid the sun during the mid day heat and increase your water intake. All very common sense information but during the summer months, we often need a little reminder.

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