Sometimes Nothing Can Actually Be Quite Something…

So I haven’t posted for a while as I have been very busy learning the art of doing absolutely nothing at all. Sounds easy, but in this crazy busy modern world of ‘achieve achieve achieve, pressure, achieve,’ it can actually be rather difficult.

I recall my lovely trainer once telling me, ‘Jenna you need a de-load week.’ Meaning I was to do no training at all for an entire week. I thought she had lost her marbles and continued to completely ignore her advice.

Yet, after reaching complete and utter burn out not so long ago, I have reminded myself the importance of that much needed, under utilised ‘down time.’ This does not equate to a waste of time, but parallels feelings of being relaxed, mentally more open to work tasks and the ability to re-energise for when you need to press your finger back on ‘GO.’

So what are the benefits of scheduling in some ‘nothing’ in to your lives?

Catching up on sleep deprivation.
Allowing muscles and cells to re-fuel and prepare for an otherwise busy schedule.
Allowing your mind to relax and empty itself. Part of ‘mindfulness’ training which helps people to cope with every day life.
Enjoying quality time with friends and family.
Reduces stress levels which has a positive effect on your immune system, blood pressure and heart health.
Remembering the importance of enjoying life.


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