Siesta for Health & Productivity? NASA say so…

A recent study executed by The Spanish Society for Primary Care Physicians have identified that having a post-prandial ‘nap’ (nap after eating, in this context, Lunch) is part of the body’s natural cycle.

On the back of this, and other in-house research, NASA have begun to allow their staff 26 minutes sleeping time to take during their work day. Apparently resulting in a 34% increase in staff productivity.

There are provisions for this to be successful however…

1. Nap on a sofa or comfortable chair, not somewhere that you will fall in to a deep sleep.
2. Do not sleep for more than 30 minutes. Doing so will leave you feeling further fatigued and interrupt your circadian rhythm.
3. Do not take more than one nap a day to avoid keeping you awake at night.
4.Be sure to still get 7-8 hours sleep at night. This is will avoid fatigue, increase your insulin sensitivity and avoid unhealthy over eating secondary to tiredness.
5. Make sure your boss knows and agrees to you taking a power nap within office hours!

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