Sibling Similarity?

Before you find your life partner, many report already having a partner/friend that they would turn to during major life events; their brother or sister.

They know you, likely better than you know yourself at times, and they appreciate how you see the world. Sometimes they even look, talk or resemble you.

Yet how often do siblings possess the same personality? You may have grown up with the same values and life perspectives, but how many siblings outwardly appear as though they shared the same upbringing?

Me and my brother are the best of friends, have the same sense of humour and the same facial features. Yet whilst he would be happy with a good book and counting his finances, I would rather be doing something much less sensible with a lot less money.

So why is this? Why do some siblings even argue, not speak and annoy one another? Why are we not more similar considering our shared gene pool?

This article is fascinating. Researchers examined why siblings can walk, talk and look alike, yet have a very different experience of the world.

My thoughts are that we all need a ying and yang to balance us as people (but it results that it is a little more scientific than this.)

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Me with my big brother David

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