Say Yes To The Stress

Recently I said ‘yes to the dress.’ It was an overdue proposal and I was about to have all my dreams come true.

But what I hadn’t bargained for was the stress, anxiety and nervousness associated with dress fitting, getting naked in front of shop assistants and worrying about whether I had put on weight just before the wedding. I loved the organising but the body examination, for me, was incredibly traumatic.

Working in cosmetics now has me treating many upon many woman who are about to get married. They worry that their skin won’t look right, that they may be rejected or that they won’t be feeling their best. One friend of mine cancelled her big day in favour for a small modest affair as the anxiety of people staring at her just got too much.

So are we saying yes to a day of celebrating our love for someone special or are we simply saying ‘yes to the (expensive) stress?’

If you feel like you are becoming a little bridezilla this wedding season, remember to ground yourself and ask a few questions:

1. Why are you getting married? So many brides forget that they’re marrying someone, getting caught up in their own affairs and how they are going to be projecting themselves to the outside world.
2. Do you really need your judging auntie Julie there who you haven’t seen for the last 5 years? Maybe considering your invites wisely is sensible. Having those you love and feel comfortable with is more important than those just their for the free wine and canapés.
3. Is your dress comfortable? I loved my wedding dress but I was so so so stressed about the tight fitting bodice that it was all I could think of days leading up. I hadn’t even thought about the band or how the day would flow, just whether my stomach would bloat up and I would look ‘wrong.’ I even changed a little early to allow myself to relax towards the end of the night. You will glow if you look happy. I loved the dress but I wouldn’t thank you to wear it again (my husband will be pleased to hear.)
4. Can I afford this? 50% of people report that they can not really afford their wedding day. That although the day is great, they end up spending a fortune re-cooping costs for years afterwards. For some, children lead the way now long after the big celebration. Potentially worth leaving some pennies for them, your pension and savings?
5. If it isn’t enjoyable, it probably isn’t worth it.
What’s the point in a ‘celebration’ if you’re too stressed to enjoy it?!
So many things in life have become theatrical. Your wedding day isn’t a performance, it’s a moment in your life that you’re allowing others to peek in to. It’s your day, not theirs.

This is not a particularly medical post but one I felt important to consider.
It’s relatively sad seeing such stressed brides panicking, begging me for laser treatments more often than is safe and asking to completely change their faces moments before they walk down the aisle.
Your partner has opted to marry you. Let them marry you, not someone who looks just a little bit like you…

Stressed Bride

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