Praying for Better Health?

With recent airplane tragedies (which although – appear numerous, compare insignificantly to the number of road traffic accidents and mortalities) I find myself saying a little prayer as I board the plane.

I pray I will arrive safely and that whoever is out there, will allow me to spend many more days with the people that I love.

Despite not belonging to your average faith or religion, I do find the act of muttering these requests underneath my breath rather relaxing. We discuss (that’s me and whoever is out there) the things I probably shouldn’t have done recently along with the things I definitely shouldn’t have done recently, coupled with my requests and hopes for the future.

How lovely to air these thoughts and hope that someone out there may be listening. They can potentially forgive me and even help me along my merry little way.

Well now, science has actually proved that prayer can be beneficial. Almost like a form of meditation, it can help with stress and self control, as well as forming part of your religious ritual should you follow a religion.

One exception to this is when people stop their cars and pray at the road side.
It is wonderful to stop your day and dedicate time to prayer, but remember to get as far away from passing cars as possible.

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