Practise as you preach?

I hugely advocate moderate existence. We are either anorexic or obese, either fitness queens or sedentary souls, we are either one or quite simply the other.

I believe we have decided to run too fast in life and need to normalise and moderate our lifestyles. I talk about this, I write about it and yet I am probably one of the most extreme people I know.

I can’t drink one diet Pepsi, I’ll have three. I can go for a run, I have to train for a marathon. I can’t start to quite like pea protein, I have to carry a large scoop out in a small plastic Tupperware piece to every restaurant to every meal.

I’m an addictive personality and it really is a curse. Hence I’ve seen how beneficial it would be to have a more moderate living. I’ve seen and experienced the highs and lows of extremism and crave normality.

However, one thing I have always been consistent with is my exercise. I’ve lived in the gym and with my trainers on and generally, I listen to myself. Fancy boxing today-done. Fancy a run-done. Fancy going a little slower-ok, done.

After the blog I did earlier in the year, I pushed myself to the absolute limits. I trained hard, I cut my calories and I trained some more. If I did not fancy something-tough, it’s in the program.

Funnily enough, I’ve never been so sedentary after the blog. I’m only just starting to get back to my usual gym loving self now. I started to resent my time there, I would be irritable throughout a work out and eventually I didn’t even want to look at a piece of sports clothes or equipment.

What had happened to me?

What happens to extremists. Our bodies and our souls were not meant to live in the outer limits. We sit more comfortable with the middle of the bell curve. And yet again, I proved this to myself. I reminded myself-Jenna, you’re an idiot. Stop trying to prove things and remember that enjoying each day is more important.



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