People are like tips of an iceberg

When I was younger I used to be raging jealous. I was jealous of Rachel’s hair, Hannah’s addictive personality, Aimee’s body and Emma’s face. Susannah had all the boys after her and Malena was so cool and so calm.

Yet as I’ve lived life as a doctor I’ve come to realise that everyone has their ‘beef.’ When we see people we literally just see the small window that they wish to show us.

Patients walk in, they look glamorous, well dressed, ooze confidence. They shut the door, take a seat and break down. They suffer with anxiety, depression, they can’t cope, they are having an affair or their partner is having an affair. Their perfectly matched lipstick is a distraction for what they may be feeling inside. Look at my attire, but please don’t catch sight of my feelings.

As doctors we are always taught to delve, try and get beneath the surface, or, beneath the projection.
Some are very happy people and usually these are the people who just don’t care. They couldn’t care less if you had Prada shoes or if you had your hair done by the celebrity stylist. They are within themselves and grounded.

The motto is live life yourself, don’t be jealous of others and learn not to aspire to be someone else -as you will so often be chasing a myth. Be you and be happy within that person.

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