Paying for Good Health

A lot of us, especially those privileged enough to have access to the NHS; a free for use service in the UK, forget that healthcare can cost money.

When Brits move abroad, it can be easy to forget, again, that we are not always necessarily eligible for care back in the UK. What we forget is that it is our tax and National Insurance contributions allowing us access to care. When we leave that system, we leave the benefits too.

So many people I have met do not have medical insurance in Dubai. They tell me it is too expensive, or that they do not plan to get sick.

Well sadly – none of us plan to become unwell. But that does not mean we do not become unwell.

I met a gentleman, Jeff Price, a few years ago here in Dubai. A huge advocate for children, their health, and children’s charities, is now facing a healthcare crisis of his own. His medical insurance is no longer covering his much needed treatment in order to get better.

1) Please follow this link in order to support his care financially. Every little helps.

2) Please let this be a reminder to all of us. I, myself, have been abroad and ‘forgotten’ to ensure travel insurance, and do not necessarily ensure I have the right medical insurance to cover me for long term illness. Let this be a wake up call.

Sadly healthcare is not free of charge, and will become less so in the future.

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