One side of the scale, or the other?

Whilst the UAE harbours rates of diabetes much higher than the world average (WHO) you also have a 50% chance of being over weight once you hit 20 years if you reside there.

Yet, recent reports also state that 60% of the population now exercise at least 3 times per week. So it seems we are either on one side of the scale or the other…Either that or there is some pretty inefficient training going on.

This is the same for parts of the USA. With anorexia and obesity running side by side, it again begs the question, why have we not managed to find that happy medium?

Pugs also have a very high rate of living with diabetes. So Florence has decided to take action now, whilst she is fit and healthy. To avoid risk of chronic disease, she has started exercising. Friday is her strength day.

Very fit Florence

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