Ohh I am so mad

Ooh I am so mad (is something our ancestors did not say)

Anger is considered to be a relatively new expression, especially amongst males. Where aggressive tendencies used to be used to fight for food and shelter, with these easily appeased, we take out violent tendencies towards one another.

With males, this evolutionary emotion is further heightened. Naturally raised testosterone (the angry hormone) and a childhood of ‘it’s feminine to cry’ leaves men with no other socially acceptable emotional outlet than to get angry.

I have met many men who need to leave their homes for fear that they may hit their own spouse, or scared of saying something they know they will regret. It can be debilitating and frightening, for all parties involved.

If this is you, talk to a friend plus a registered medical professional and look for outlets for those fiery ways.

This is me getting rid of my pent up emotions. I may be smiling but I am really really angry. Honest…

http://www.livescience.com/5333-evolution-human-aggression.html slightly out of date article but a great read on the evolution of anger.

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