My Daily Affirmation

‘I’m tall, you can notice me.
You can see my shoulders stood back, stood proud, stood wide.
I’m confident; look in to my eyes if it pleases you,
They’ll look back strong, look back steady but look back warm and gentle.
I’m happy, I’m self assured and I am not sorry.
Not sorry to be me, not sorry for my direction, not sorry for my individuality.
I invite you to like me, but there is no pressure.
We can not like and accept everyone and it is your choice if you like me or not.
I may not like you.
We are all different and I am me. It is nice to meet you.’

Daily affirmations have been shown time and again to improve people’s confidence and positivity.
You may feel absolutely ridiculous or even just find it hard to say nice things to yourself whilst looking in the mirror. As with everything in life however- you will get used to it.
Potentially not the best example, but Geri Halliwell swore by affirmations just before she fought back in to the music industry.

If a scientist can give it a go (that would be me) why not try for yourself. I have shared my own affirmation – try writing one yourself.

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