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Masquerade Magazine again asked me to do one of my favourite things…write. Thank you chaps.

So we decided to do a feature on ‘diets across the ages.’

Loved every minute of it and incredibly interesting the extreme lengths we will go to in order to lose weight.

Many diets I investigated did result in fatalities. Some included ingesting tape worms in order to have ‘the tapeworms’ eat up the calories from inside of you. Others involved replacing food for cigarettes (excellent advise from lucky cigarettes marketing department,) whilst others simply recommended eating a protein infused cookie rather than a good hearty plate of vegetables with a lean protein source.

To see how crazy we are with our dieting habits, check out the latest edition of Masquerade.

Masquerade4 Masquerade5 Masquerade6

Masquerade7 Masquerade8 Masquerade9


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