I’ll take some hypogonads and some man boobs please…

Steroids scare me if I am honest. I use them only when necessary and where ever possible, will avoid long term use. Some people have to use them secondary to severe arthritis or asthma – and I am sure they will feed back on their wonderful array of nasty side effects.

For gym goers, despite ongoing encouragement not to abuse steroids, people continue to do so. The short term vanity gain is causing detrimental health risks such as gynaecomastia (man breasts) and thyroid dysfunction.

I cared for a well known body builder in intensive care who had managed to blow up his heart so much that it could only function to 10% of its full capacity. Scary stuff.

Take a read of the drug profile below:


So when thinking of taking some steroids, go ahead and order yourself a steak instead.

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