Hangover Cures

This last weekend, my friends treated me to a rather wonderful, but rather ‘heavy,’ weekend.

As I did not feel all that pleasant following in the days following our antics, it encouraged me to look in to hangover cures…

NB I could not find a cure (sadly) but here are some helpful hangover tips!

1) Do not drink (one binge drinking session can be enough to deposit fatty tissue within the liver and shoot up your liver enzymes.)
2) If you insist on drinking, don’t do it all that often. A bottle of wine an evening is 100% alcohol excess. Give your liver a day off at least 2-3 times a week.
3) Hydrate. The solution to pollution is dilution. Drink a pint of water before you head to bed and try to alternate each alcoholic beverage with water.
4) Shots are the devil. Massive increase in alcohol in minimum time!
5) As alcohol causes a surge in insulin, which drops your blood sugar levels, lining your stomach with slow releasing carbohydrates prior to an alcohol binge will reduce how affected you are by swings in blood sugar.
6) If you get the ‘dirty munchies’ try not to make them too dirty but do give in to them. Mop up the alcohol with food should reduce ‘hangover tummy’ the next day.
7) Morning after, pop a paracetamol, vitamin C tablet, take loads of water +/- and anti-sickness. Sleep as much as your body craves for the best recovery.
8) if you vomit, it is a clear sign that you have poisoned your body. Re-hydrate and drink a sachet of ‘diarolyte’ to replace your electrolytes.
9) Remember alcohol is a depressant so be sure you are not suffering with low mood before a big binge. You will definitely suffer with severe booze blues the next day.

Alcohol should always be drunk in moderation. See this link for further guidance:



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