Green is for Glowing…World Vegetarian Day is Here!

Some say being vegan means being incredibly healthy, whilst others have images of skinny pale women, nutritionally challenged in need of a good meal and turkey breast.

I am here to say that going green is about getting glowing. I turned vegetarian when I was 12. Back then, we did not know much about being vegetarian. Chicken was exchanged for pasta and beef exchanged for bread. We were clueless and out plates demonstrated our poor nutritional experience and status.

Today however, we give broccoli, kale and spinach the justice and celebration it deserves. Rather than assume meat has to be exchanged with something equally bulky and occupying, we have realized that meat can be exchanged for well more vegetables. With the protein content of peas, hemp, chickpeas and tahini finally realized, we know that loading our plates with nutritionally dense veggies can actually be of incredible benefit. In fact many body builders are now really showing off by building mass and muscle on a vegan meal plan (Ahmedjabaifitness.)

One thing I do note when I really tune my plate in to vegetables (ignoring the sweet carbohydrate laden sweets surrounding me,) is not just how good I feel, but also how much better I seem to look. My skin glows, my eyes less heavy and generally I just feel brighter and lighter. My energy levels really improve too.

Yes it seems today we finally realise that opting to go green does not result in nutritionally deficit males and females. Instead it shows a health or environmentally concerned being who is keen to get going and get glowing their way to, what they consider, an improved existence.


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