Fun at 30

Recently I turned 30. Yep I joined the big club known as ‘not as good as I was 10 years ago.’
I get injured more easily, I definitely have more lines on my face and I find losing weight much harder than I did before.

I’m 30. This is what happens as we age. However what I didn’t expect was to be generally happier. Even if my outsides smile to others less than before, my insides smile more. I’m more relaxed (relaxed as you can get for a type A personality,) less bothered about how others perceive me and I value the things that are important; people rather than possessions. I retired from keeping up with the Jones’ and I no longer get fiercely jealous like I did as a teen.

Yes it’s safe to say getting older is generally getting better. Even if you don’t look as hot as your 20 year old counterpart.

However with age comes fear. This is something that really pulls down the see saw of 30. I am frightened of losing family members and more recently, even friends. I am a group of 9 girls from my hometown and 4 of us have had a family member with cancer in the last 12 months. And these odds are probably quite good when looking at the population on the whole.

It’s a shame that although we are happier inside, we also have to become more realistic as we age. Naivety suddenly tends to vanish. Maybe the reason we alter our values and perceptions as we age is because we know the fragility of life and its length. I may not be here tomorrow and neither may you.

I have always thought my grandma had an incredible outlook on life. She enjoys every moment she can, gets on with things and tries to laugh at every opportunity presented. She has seen how quickly life can be taken away and how precious each moment is.

So encourage your children to make the most of the days. To see the value of people and friends that they have, to smile on the inside. Now. I so wish I had done that whilst I was younger. How many years I wasted worrying about how others saw me and whether I had upset them/had them not like me. I was only ever being me.

So embrace getting older, but hold on to the fun of youth. Don’t take yourself too seriously and remember to value that which is important. Yourself and the people that you love.

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