Eyeliner…check, Blusher…check…, Lip Sunblock….Nope

Every where you look, someone is campaigning for us to wear factor 30 or above, over our delicate, wrinkling bodies. With 1 in 5 Americans set to suffer with skin cancer at any given time, we are realizing the damaging impact of sun beds, sunbathing and failing to wear appropriate skin protection.

Yet what most people do not realise is that our lips are at risk too. With zero protective melanin, unlike the rest of our bodies, and standing proud from our face (and hence further in to sunlight exposure) we are putting our sacred kissing lips at severe danger.

The study attached showed that fair skinned males over the age of 50 were most at risk (and in fact a very good friend of mine, over 50, with very fair skin and exposed to the great outback did indeed suffer with this type of melanoma).

So women, are the risky reds and playful pink lipsticks enough to protect us? Sadly, and unfashionably, not necessarily. Lipstick is set to dress our lips and not protect them. Unless it states SPF, then it unlikely contains one.

Luckily brands such as YSL Beauty and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics are launching out in to this market, offering lipsticks with SPF 15 and 25 respectively.

With treatments often including surgical intervention and possible malignant spread, my advise is to get lipstick savvy. Check your lipstick colour, shine, longevity and its ability to protect you from the sunlight.

Gentlemen not interested in lipstick? Opt for an SPF lip balm such as Nivea.



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