Emotionless Cosmetics?

Is botox the reason you feel a little numb?

As most of our communication is held within non-verbal cues such as body language and facial expression (in fact, someone out there gave us 43 facial muscles simply that so that we could understand one another) it is not surprising that evidence is emerging suggesting that…

‘Opting to paralysing these muscles may be affecting our ability to communicate with one another.’

I have read many articles suggesting that toddlers and teens alike are struggling to inherit the same non verbal communicative tools that we have harboured in previous generations gone by. They can hear what we are telling them, but lack the ability to put this side by side with the ‘correct’ facial clues when people have been injected with botox.

Today, evidence is emerging that botox may also be affecting our own ability to feel. When we read or feel emotion, we twitch and contract the associated muscles. For example we frown when we feel sad and smile when we feel happy. The author of this science blog suggests that our emotions are somewhat diminished when this movement is restricted.

I love cosmetics. I live and breathe them in my clinical life, yet I do believe we would be foolish to recognise only its strengths, but not also its weaknesses.

As I often say with botulin toxins, fillers and lasers – easy does it. Let us see what further evidence emerges and until then, slowly does it.

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