Dust Dust Everywhere

If you are based in Dubai, you wont have failed to notice that there is a sand storm present.

Small levels of dust in the lungs is mopped up by white blood cells called ‘macrophages.’ These eliminate the dust particle by eating them and ridding them from the body.

Sadly when there is as much dust as there is today, our macrophages become saturated and the dust sits near the end of our airways and near the gas exchange system causing irritation, coughing and potentially even causing infections.

If you are asthmatic, you may have noticed that you feel wheezy or are coughing a little more than usual. Make sure you use your inhalers a little more often and take care to try and avoid the weather conditions as much as you can. Take a few days out from extreme activity until the conditions settle.

If in doubt, see your local (hopefully friendly) GP for advice.

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