Down Syndrome Awareness Day!

And what a wonderful way to celebrate with this heart warming video of Ollie & Cameron

Down syndrome is also known as Trisomy 21. Rather than having 2 chromosomes at chromosome 21 – those with down syndrome have 3. This occurs by chance and is not passed down from parents to child. The chances of down syndrome do increase dramatically however, as the maternal age increases (aka as the mum passes the age of 30 when pregnant.)

Those with down syndrome usually have a reduced IQ, though this varies dramatically from individual to individual, and have typical physical characteristics. These include:

Stunted growth
Sandal gap (large space between first and second toe)
Low muscular tone
A large tongue which may protrude
Flattened nose
Short neck with increase folds at the back
Flat head
Mongolian Eyes (almond shaped which raise up at the side.)

I think they are pretty gorgeous, and as you can see from this video – often very happy individuals living relatively normal lives.

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