Do I look glamorous to you?

It’s incredible how deceiving looks or aspirations can be. So many people I have admired, envied and even inspired to be have often turned out to be..pretty average. Thanks to social media, this is emphasised even further.

Recent I took on a little puppy. Seen in films and cinema as ‘mans best friend’ and a female celebrity’s must have ‘handbag’ almost. Me, and my mini pug’ all set to waltz down the boulevard with our designer doggy lead and diamanté enchanted doggy collar (reserved for other high flying females with their toy breed pooches.)

Only no one told me that dogs are banned from the boulevard. No one told me that they cry all night on end whilst they suffer separation anxiety from their mums. No one told me that a puppy doesn’t always come packaged as house trained.

In fact no one told me all that I would do is pick up dog ‘waste’ for the next foreseeable future; upon rising, upon returning home and upon going to bed and even walking (with said designer dog gear.)

The rewards I take from my puppy far out weigh the unrealistic expectations I had from our interactions but that is not the point. We always envisage glamour…and how often does the glamour really exist? I mean…really? How often do we identify real life behind the portrayals?

Doctors aka dancing around hospital wards with a gorgeous make up savvy medical team aka Gray’s Anatomy = sputum pots, prostate exams and fluid balance charts.

Modelling aka the life little girls (and adults) dream of = smiling with goose bumps, laxatives and insane pressures on weight and external appearance.

Expatriate living aka they’ve moved on to better things in the sunshine = internal dilemmas with being overseas and a real life in new found city with all the ups and downs associated.

Being famous aka ‘they have it all’ = constant external pressures on appearance, clothing and often accompanying mental illness. Not to mention areas of cellulite being highlighted for public amusement.

Lawyers aka Suits in New York = dry number crunching. No evidence of Harvey in sight. Late nights, cancelled social activities and high pressure.

Living in the big city aka waltzing down the buzzing walk ways with high heels and shopping bags aka sex and the city = walking around in flats with frizzy hair from life with only public transport and high city associated costs.

The list is endless. Just remember that TV and film are not factual and ‘cream skim’ the surface of reality. So whilst you may sit there and day dream of a better life or being the new intern in a New York City firm….think will it really be as I am envisaging? Or may it just be a load of hard work?


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