Detoxing ain’t so pretty

I remember when I first decided to go low carb – I almost had to go to the doctors for some blood tests as I was convinced there was something seriously wrong with me;

Cold waves
Hot waves
Shaky inside
Fatigue (gross gross fatigue)
Brain Fog – nothing seemed clear in my line of vision.

Well as I knew I was starting an intense diet regime this week, I let myself go a little last week (I was turning 30 and eased the pain with some sugar and alcohol.) Well – even after just 7 days of ‘living life to the full,’ I can not believe that I am having to go through the ‘low carb flu’ again.

It just goes to show how much sugar can affect you. So for now, I am on a ketogenic regime of mainly plant based vegetables, eggs, protein supplements and organic tofu (awkward vegetarian) and tons and tons of water.

Already my insides are thanking me but my brain is a little confused to the highs and now lows of the sugar roller coaster. So before you let go – really consider if it is worth it, and remember sugar is inside fruity drinks, potatoes, cereals and pasta as well as inside sexy little lollipops and crystal granules.

I know once my body adjusts, euphoria and extra energy is awaiting me – I just can not wait to get there!

Check out this interesting journal paper linking high protein and weight training to improved body composition.

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