Cosy, warm and working…

Is working from home all it is cracked up to be?

Cuddle up in your tracksuit, snuggle up in your slippers and get yourself incredibly comfortable and settled. That’s it, now you’re ready to work from the comfort of your own home.

You can watch your children, take your favourite gym class at whatever time of the day that may fall, adhere to your natural body clock’s productivity flow, and even better, take a nap during your lunch break. Mums and dads-you can collect your children at 3pm without managements superior eyes glaring at you as you walk out of the door, and spend that commuting time at your leisure.

Indeed there many benefits to working from home. So much so that In recent years, American companies have encouraged their employees to work from home in the millions with over 5% of the working population working from home offices or remote locations.

Yes it is convenient, yes it saves time and can actually increase ones productivity, yes it even saves the company money on office space, lighting and time wasted in transit-but is it a healthy idea in the long term?

Working alone for long periods of time is incredibly isolating. Indeed, work place ‘banter’ can be distracting and unproductive-however, it also helps our ability to communicate, compromise with our peers and respect each other’s opinions and view points. Along with being an enjoyable part of our working day.

Lost for days within our own little world can reduce our confidence, Increase our risk for mental illness such as depression, social anxieties and eating disorders, along with just generally taking the spark out of our working week. What’s the point in an office Christmas party if you don’t know anyone in the office?!

Before enrolling on a home based office, try working from home a few days yourself. A recent Stanford study showed that although those that worked from home were less likely to get promoted, employees enjoyed the flexibility of a home based work life too much to run back to the 9-5 office life. Likewise, many internet sites are dedicated to support for the lonely worker at home.

So decide for yourself whether it is your friend or foe.

For me-variety is the spice of life. Working from home is productive, comfortable and flexible..but incredibly, incredibly boring.

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