Contented New Years Resolutions

Life for someone that is content is probably the richest of all. I have always thought it, always felt it, yet I have never been that person. I have always wanted to know what is next, to look ahead, to see what holes in my life that I need to next fill, rather than sitting back and enjoying each moment and savouring each day.


Though, in 2017, I have made a vow to become a hippy that is one with nature and relaxes, takes care of myself and enjoys my surroundings. So who knows? Things may change!


Whilst away in Dubai, I have begun to appreciate things in a way that I never have before. I have begun to see things, begun to appreciate things that I have never really thought about. As I take a walk through the UK, things that used to annoy me. Specs of paint on brickwork, pieces of soil or leaves in the middle of the road, previously I would have found annoying, ‘someone needs to clean these.’


Cold, crisp air on my face and on my fingers and air that takes your breath away because it is so cold – I would have hated it, I would have cursed it. Yet I suddenly start to miss it…crave it.
Trees that have no leaves on them. Not palm trees that I had previously wanted, not sand that I previously wished I had been walking upon, leafless trees, trees that have gone in to hiding for the winter, pavements that are uneven, a little bit dirty, discoloured. Probably in need of painting.


I think what I have learned from my travels as an expatriate is that we always want what we haven’t got. Here in the rainy uk, you crave going for a run along the beach, you crave the sunshine. Yet give that same person the beach, give that same person the sunshine, give that same person the ability to get up at 6.30 in the morning for a long run along the beach on any day they feel the urge and suddenly they crave cosy nights, log fires, wrapped under a blanket watching television.


The moral of the story is that it is very difficult to be satisfied; it is very difficult to be somebody that is content. To enjoy what they have when they have it. Maybe that should all be our new years resolution for 2017. Try to enjoy what you have now and try to be content.


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