Are you quite well?

‘Wellness’ is the buzz word of the season. We don’t just want to be healthy, we don’t just want yearly health screens for preventative disease, we don’t just want to be fit and active. No, these days we want to be ‘well.’

There are now even companies and departments employed to encourage ‘wellness’ within the home and work place. Last year, it was virtually unheard of for companies to consider healthy living competitions within the work place, yoga classes at lunch or to implement occupational health departments or lifestyle assessments for their employees. This is despite companies of America having had years of wellness strategy and implementation as a standard code of practise. We have been late in the UAE to catch on, yet the world of wellness is quickly catching on fire.

Wellness is generally used to define a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. People can train to become wellness coaches, encouraging balanced lifestyles and realistic goal setting for health and holistic being. Yet again this is a culmination of over exerted professionals having time off for stress and Ill and health. When preventative medicine and minor lifestyle adjustments could be all that was needed to keep them happy and healthy on a day to day basis.

I love the world of wellness and hope this is not just a short lived craze. Reducing levels of absenteeism, ensuring ‘happiness’ within the work place, providing incentives for healthy living and exercise participation; it offers responsible employment (and likely increased productivity!)

Wellness Wheel

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