Are you pregnant…? No.

I actually loved the below article so much, I posted it on my own personal facebook page. In modern day society, we are actually pretty easy going regarding where we are up to in the socially expected timelines (people get married at 50, some go back to University at 40 and others go bag packing around Thailand once they reach middle age.)

Even if not all of us are as socially tolerable, at least society is migrating in this direction generally.

This is however, unless you are a woman with a womb.

I have been married a year and time after time people ask – are you pregnant/when are you trying and why do you not have children yet??

I admit to falling in to asking these stigmatising questions before it was acted out on myself. Then I realised how unpleasant these questions can be.

The truth is, asking someone ‘are you pregnant’ can reflect as ‘jesus, you’ve put on weight’ or worse – possibly cause a cascading emotional reaction. How do you know she has not recently miscarried, or in fact is unable to have children? Possibly her and her partner are fighting, yet she harbours a desire for off spring, possibly she is pregnant but fears to speak as her child is not yet developed fully.

The fact is – you do not know.

Let’s leave women, and their wombs to their own devices. If they want children; they will tell you. If they are pregnant; they will tell you (when they are ready.) And if they do not say a word, it most likely means that they have zero desire to share the tales of their womb with you.

Please do read the below article, it is a really insightful read and has taught me a lot about my previously nosy ways:  Mind Your Own Womb


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