Anyone can suffer with mental health issues

I shared a post yesterday from Emirates Woman. Although your comments of congratulations are lovely, this wasn’t supposed to be an article to ‘look how far I’ve come’ it was to raise awareness and say – anyone can suffer with mental health issues. We need to understand more and change our emphasis of how we judge people.

I liken many mental health concerns with addictions (which are often interlinked) and these are hard. They’re frustrating to be around and difficult to treat. Not one day going forward will that person not have to battle with that addiction. Some days they’ll win the fight, other days they won’t. It isn’t all ‘fairytale endings’ but learning to manage real life and accept that we are not perfect.

For people with addictive behaviour they are predisposed to suffer with these addictions. They have a surge in dopamine, our feel good hormone, when they take drugs/binge eat/take alcohol. And their ability to judge events in the future compared to today is less. That’s part of their make up and not something they have necessarily chosen, though they can choose to try and manage this. We should try and support them.


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