Anorexia to Arm Curl

Recently I have felt that I need a challenge. A REAL challenge and preferably one that involves sports.
Sadly however I am pretty useless at most sports which makes this a little more difficult.

The only sport I was ever half decent at was running. Yet more and more often every time I attempt a good long distance run I become plagued with injuries. Most recently these have been stress fractures, knee pain, Plantar Fascitis (if you’ve had it – you will know about it) and most recently a nice bit of Achilles Tendonitis.

I do however love to generally keep fit. Whether it is lifting weights , taking part in HIIT, throwing in some burpees, amateur kick boxing, anything that gets me moving.

So I have decided to generally try and improve my fitness and overall appearance – I would like to say to the level of a physique model but perhaps we should not try to get over ambitious.

Especially as I am a previous sufferer with anorexia, I may find the challenge of lifting some serious weights mentally quite unacceptable at times. Learning to build a body rather than trying to make it disappear. Plus having to own up to my body in order to sculpt it, rather than pretending the problem areas are not there.

So with the help of Wanjiru Muhia Simon (AKA Simon,) I will start a high level fitness plan to try and get me in to shape. I doubt this will be maintainable time wise, but I am curious to give it a go at least once in my life.

Plus I do wonder how ‘healthy’ the women we see in magazines actually are? Ripped with muscle – but is it actually healthy to have such a low percentage of body fat?

If at any point, it becomes too much for me mentally, I will have to back down and admit defeat. But here we go.

Anorexia to Arm Curl – the blog begins…

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