Anorexia to Arm Curl….Losing the big DC.

I wrote a blog not long ago about my addiction to Diet Coke (DC) (, Diet Pepsi even more so and the deadly Diet Red Bull. This is despite a nasty stomach ulcer.
I haven’t been good at ‘walking my own talk’ with withdrawing from these sweet delights, despite my medical knowledge surrounding them.
Seeing as I still feel I am not progressing at the rate I imagined, we considered that, potentially, it was my addiction to diet drinks that may be slowing me down?
Read more about this effect below.
For me, giving up diet drinks is hell on earth. I just love them, I love the taste and the cold can in my hand. That 10am diet Pepsi sees me though until lunch time!
My crutch and ‘e-cigarette’ as it were has been cold cans of soda water.
Make sure they have no added ingredients.
Although they contain dissolved CO2 and are still not as good for you, or your stomach lining as still water, they prove to be equally as hydrating and are massively better for you than other diet beverages.
Plus they come in a can (which can be cooled!) so you get to experience the whole diet beverage experience without added aspartame.
Any diet beverage addict will understand.

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