Anorexia to Arm Curl. A world of pain!

Seeking advice for how I can get back training after hurting my neck.

Why do we get neck or back pain on occasions when we haven’t actually pulled or damaged anything?

Sometimes our body senses trauma. When we lift too heavy weights or turn ourselves in a ‘funny’ manner – our back (or neck) may see this as unusual. As it is there to protect our spinal cord from what may be danger, it causes spasm of the surrounding musculature.

This spam clamps down on the nerves running underneath. Pressing down on nerves causes horrendous pain as it shoots up and down its length.

For me, as my neck and upper back spasm, I feel pain down my left shoulder, arm and up in to my head as well as feeing pain in my neck itself. This is the pinched nerve in action.

So, keep stretching, don’t stay still (as tempting as it is) take anti-inflammatries if you are able to (some are not allowed because of gastritis, stomach ulcers or certain people with asthma) and apply warm compress. Then get yourself to a decent osteopath like Steve Richardson in GMC, Dubai for a good click here and there.

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