Anorexia to Arm Curl

The gym world tour has come to an end. Ive lifted weights in Dubai, liverpool, london, Kent, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, and Maina Gym Santorini.

So what have I learnt from weights around the world?

1. Weights seem heavier in the UK?! (Potentially poor conversion from pounds to kilograms or the rainy weather gets the better of me.)

2. People seem to work less hard in New York but have much better bodies.

3. Getting stronger makes you feel more powerful. This makes sense for those often bullied to try and lift weights to gain muscle. It gives you a feeling of confidence aside from aesthetic gains.

4. Men always have to correct your form, but they never ever correct another mans form.

5. Sometimes you have to get very very very close to someone spotting you. Very close…too close. Brush your teeth.

6. You always wish you were outside doing something else. Until you finish and then you feel amazing.

7. You still don’t fully get the carb cycling.

8. You’ve noticed nutrition seems to be the most important factor in losing weight.

9. An older population like to gym it in Kent. Some of the pensioners have pretty enviable bodies and cardiovascular function.

10. A personal trainer is the new Gucci bag.

11. Santorini has the biggest muscles.

12. Every gym has the interesting chap who likes to walk aimlessly around the gym for their work out.

13. My favourite gym is the village on the Wirral-two and I say two, people asked if I was a professional kick boxer. Proudest achievement ever.

14. It doesn’t matter where you train as long as you do it.

15. It doesn’t matter if you train and drink lots of alcohol-those muscles will disappear!

16. Men hate leg day more than you. Especially if they are still in their teens.

Gym World Tour

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