Anorexia to Arm Curl

So if you decide to do an interview with someone…
1) try not to pick the shyest guy you can find in the gym.
2) preferably try to select someone that can speak, at least, some level of English.
3) try to hold the camera, somewhat steady
4) try not to absolutely p**** him off by asking about whether he injects steroids or testosterone.


What I will say, however, is how much respect I am gaining for body builders. It’s a complete lifestyle choice and a lot more scientific then just running as hard and as fast as you can. All sports need an understanding of science, but body builders often get a reputation of being ‘meat heads.’ Yet most work incredibly hard, daily, to make their gains and understand the body’s musculature much more than me and my class mates when we were at medical school.

Respect to Dennis, and sorry for asking you to do an interview that would offend you, make you feel nervous and ask you questions you did not understand! (Dennis’ partner was also not happy that I asked about injectables. I just never believed, previously, that you could gain such incredible muscle mass without some sort of ‘helping hand.’ 100% in awe if I am honest.)


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