Anorexia to Arm Curl. 2 weeks in!

What you learn about adding weight training to your work out.

When you are doing cardio, you wish it was weights and when you are doing weights, you wish it was cardio.
Your muscles look cracking whilst doing weights, only for them to disappear almost immediately on leaving the gym.
You see the people who work out in the gym more than your friends and family.
Walking is taken for granted before a leg day but not so much afterwards.
You hate leg day.
You really hate leg day.
You can’t believe it’s time for leg day again.
Men in the gym seem to always want to advise you on how they feel you should be doing your weights. Even when it’s clear they haven’t done weights for many years. They don’t seem to want to offer men in the gym the same advice. Hmm.
You use the ‘need for protein’ as an excuse to be a little greedy.
Cheat days, however, have started to make you feel guilty.
Even that weekend glass of wine has started to make you feel guilty, but you still enjoy it.
No matter how hard, how much, how passionately you want it-you look no more like a fitness model after 2 hard weeks of weight training.

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