Anorexia to Arm Curl

When I signed up to anorexia to arm curl I had no idea just how extreme the world of physique modelling was going to be. I knew it was relatively extreme hence why I decided to do it. I felt that it was only a hop, not even a step or jump, away from anorexic type behaviours and I wanted to prove this. Though how close they are, I am struggling to believe.

Can we imagine women who are anorexic being applauded, crowned, receiving medals for their deprivation? No. Yet we happily do this for those that manipulate their bodies in such extreme ways such as in physique modelling competitions.

Do I look a bit fitter now that I was? Yes a little.
Do I feel fitter now than I was? No, not at all. I am a little stronger but I am grossly fatigued and usually hungry through every work out.

Living on between 700-1200 calories a day, far less than i would ever recommend to a patient of mine, exercising 90 mins in the morning and then a small HIIT routine before bed. Supping protein tablets throughout the day.

Yet I am still no where near lean enough.

Physique models have a body fat percentage of around 4% . 4%!! On women. This is so unsafe and so unhealthy causing problems such as thyroid complaints, hormonal imbalances and menstruation cessation. The level of deprivation needed to achieve this is huge.

My trainer admits to eating nothing but broccoli and chicken for weeks leading up to her competition. For some, they can not take it. The psychological stamina needed to this is huge and many women fall at the hurdles.

Bingeing it rife in physique modelling. I know as I binged last weekend and it totally altered my ability to reach my physique goals. I find it hard to believe that one binge can effect my results so much. But it can as this is all about strict strict living and constant routine.

Also let’s remember, some people do this as a career. They have plenty of time to sleep at night, to recover, don’t have to squeeze their work outs in before or after work. For me, and most of us, this just isn’t the case. It’s like having a second part time job on top of everything else we may choose to do. Plus being hungry and tired are not great ways to start a full working today. We need full mental alertness and energetic use of our limbs.

And also, don’t forget, physique models don’t always look like physique models walking around your local spinneys. I have been ‘let in’ on how I can supplement with drugs, diruretics, hormones to lose the weight needed. Thanks but no thanks. I also know I will have to go without water for a substantial no of hours, maybe even days before my shoot in order to drop the water weight I carry (to support my life and cells) to show off any muscle I may have.

So please remember, when you’re feeling bad about yourself, you potentially have the last laugh. Would you rather a life hungry, water deprived, taking potentially harmful medication, getting to bed rigidly every night for 9pm and having low energy levels, irritability and light headedness or would you rather enjoy time with your family, nights out with friends, social dinners and then simply hitting the gym to keep yourself healthy and mentally sane?

You make your own choices and I don’t judge those that choose the former. It’s nice to feel good and I bet physique models feel amazing amount themselves. Aesthetically they are incredibly pleasing. But whether we should aspire to be like this and be made via ‘fitspiration’ to feel bad about ourselves for not looking like this, is another thing.

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