Anorexia to Arm Curl

Model your way to a better digestive system.

I’m a ‘Moaning Pom’ as they say in Australia. Us Brits moan about the weather, the NHS. We moan about the football scores, the train prices and if we do not get enough time off at Christmas.

And yet, in the UK, we have habitable weather conditions, free healthcare and a great game that gives men something to talk about socially (as it seems men do not openly discuss relationships, how their breasts seem swollen this time of the month or the inner details of all their food intolerances. Therefore left with little else to really discuss.) The UK actually HAS trains, plus, Christmas, well – this is a relatively sore point. It results in some countries (maybe Dubai) they do not get any time off for the magical, festive occasion at all! Unless it falls at the weekend…

So it seems only right, that given my anorexia to arm curl blog, I have felt it only appropriate to moan. I am from the UK – of course I have to moan! The early morning gym times, the damn eating out of plastic dishes, preparing food (I hate cooking) and not enjoying my usual lovely, much anticipated, weekend tipple.

Yet, there is something I was considering just recently. On my quest for physique level fitness, there is a huge emphasis on caring for the digestive system. You wont get abs with a bloated abdomen.

First of all, I am still really struggling with anorexia to arm curl. Still. I have a gastro system that is shot and I am an incredibly awkward vegetarian. I bloat at the whiff of gluten, artificial sugars, whey protein and I bawk at the thoughts of coconut water or anything remotely thick and creamy. I eat veg, salad plus now and again I can tolerate some tofu. Try build muscle with that.

I try amino acid tablets – great build some muscle. Though bloat and chase away friends with digestive issues. Plus left feeling like a lethargic balloon on a pair of stilts. Lose the protein, lose the muscle, though feel better and lose some weight.

I have really learnt a lot about myself and my gut during this process however. I had no idea just how sensitive I was to artificial sugars. Devastating, as I love tasting things that are sweet. I also had no idea that I was so anti-diary. Which is a shame as I love brie (ok, I’ll let myself have some brie time to time. It’s just too tasty.)

When we take away all processed foods, it becomes relatively easy to establish what triggers your bloating and what does not. There is little question as to what caused it, as there are not 1 million ingredients packed in to the same dish. This can be key to a life of better health and more energy. I definitely have more energy now than when I began.

Plus there is a huge emphasis on resting up, getting enough sleep, sports massage, stretching, hot baths, eating wholesome foods. This is not quite as extreme in nature to what I was expecting. I do not feel hungry, I feel ‘nice’ and I am actually keen to train more rather than less.

There is no denying that by the end of a physique model competition, the competitors are largely starved, using substantial dangerous supplements and putting their body’s on the edge of health vs danger. Yet, potentially the majority of their journey is actually a very healthy one, even if socially very restrictive. They eat well, rest well, try to eliminate stress, processed foods and digestive concerns.

So it seems, anorexia to arm curl is a pretty health focused journey (if a little boring.) It will be incredibly interesting to see how this changes as I approach the last stretch for dropping body fat as if it were a competition.


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