Anorexia to Arm Curl

I’ll pick you up at 7, at the bench press, don’t forget to wear something sexy…

Feel ‘out of the club’ at your gym?
Just not ‘too cool for school’ enough?
Gym clothes not bright and funky enough?
Intimidated to even go to the gym because of this?

What happened to going to the gym in your husband’s oversized t-shirt (not for me, my husband is very skinny) old shorts and just working damn hard? Getting so sweaty that you slip off your machine and down the stairs outside?

These days everyone is in uber stylish gym gear, some wear “gym jewellery,” whilst others spend the entire time budgying a quick look at themselves in the 360 mirrors.

As much as it is great for more people to get moving, and more social activity is commencing outside of bars and clubs and in to crossfit gyms, fighting, running groups and dumbbell lifts, is it becoming an exclusive club for only those cool enough to participate? I find this especially so with those lifting weights.

I am presently on the edge of the club – I was never a cool kid in school and almost rebelled against it. I opted for the genuine, softer folk at university and wore what I like rather than that prescribed by society. I supposed that equates at times, to eccentricity and it has taken almost the full 30 years of my life to be comfortable with this.

My blog anorexia to arm curl was never about me teaching people to do dead lifts – I am not a personal trainer. It is about the emotional experience throughout the course. So I am on the edge of the ‘Gym club’ for the following reasons:

I can now lift some pretty heavy weights for a girl, or at least enough to show I have been doing it regularly for a while. (Accepted)

But I do not quite look the part. (Denied)

I work damn hard. (Accepted)

My form is not always perfect (Denied)

I wear bright gym clothes that usually match (Accepted)

I do not take a protein shake to consume IMMEDIATELY post work out (denied)

I take the odd gym selfi. (Accepted)

I do not take enough selfies and feel a bit of an ass when I do. (Denied)

So please, forget the crowds. Use the gym to get fit and feel better. That is what it is all about. If you ever feel insecure about the way you look In there or that someone is looking you up and down, have the confidence to know that you are the bigger person and you do not need acceptance to go to ‘dis cluuuuub’ aka the gym.

Weights accept any hands that wish to hold them.

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